Biosphere Field Trip

The Biosphere Field Trip is an educational program designed to foster passing on scientific research knowledge and Indigenous teachings to school-age youth from the Pessamit and Manicouagan area. [...]


Through affiliation with UNESCO, the MUWBR staff often have the opportunity to share their experiences as guest speakers at international networking events. Each of these events is an opportunity [...]

Co-organization of various seminars

“Azimut” Seminar The MUWBR did its fair share of work in the organization of Colloque Azimut to convey the concept of circular economy in layman’s terms. The MUWBR, through MU Conseils, also had [...]

Educational tools for school children

In collaboration with the Commission scolaire de l’Estuaire, the MUWBR has developed two teaching tools for Manicouagan students. One of them is for elementary school kids: a comic book entitled [...]

Biosphere Square development

The Biosphere Square was designed into a public space with an agora that invites the gathering of people and collaboration, highlighting two of the MUWBR’s major themes. The United Nations’and [...]

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