In collaboration with the Commission scolaire de l’Estuaire, the MUWBR has developed two teaching tools for Manicouagan students.

One of them is for elementary school kids: a comic book entitled La grande aventure dans la Manicouagan, for and by young people. This book was distributed free of charge  to over 2000 elementary school children in the region with the objective of enhancing their sense of belonging to and pride in the territory, while facilitating access to reading by offering them a tool with which they can identify. The comic book was written, illustrated and designed by young local artist Catherine Arsenault. The tool is also used in class as a teaching material during learning and evaluation scenarios led by teachers.

The MUWBR has also developed, in collaboration with environmental education stakeholders, the Identité et territoire educational kit for high school students. It provides teachers with a framework and the tools to heighten students’ awareness of major sustainable development issues and strengthening their sense of pride in and belonging to the region.

With the building of an identity rooted in the land as its main guideline, it focuses on collective learning, introspection (particularly important during adolescence) and the connection between North-Shore and worldwide issues from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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