Our business units

To achieve its mission in the best possible way, the MUWBR founded three business units: MU Conseils, a participatory strategy consulting firm; the Uapishka Station, a scientific research and ecotourism facility; and a project development component for environmental and human-based research, education and continuous monitoring. These business units complement each other and sustain themselves in carrying out the functions of a biosphere reserve.

Mu Conseils

Business Consultants

MU Conseils is a consulting agency that advises any type of organization seeking to innovate how they “work together” by offering top-notch consulting services.

Strategic<br />
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Consulting services provided to strengthen a vision, achieve bold actions or build commitment
Community project<br />
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Community project

Support in transforming ideas into structuring and engaging community projects
Social<br />
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Project integration analysis, community relationship strategies, sustainable development performance management, partnerships and Indigenous outreach
Citizen Participation</p>
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Citizen Participation

Deployment of innovative interaction approaches for the development of sustainable, growing and supportive communities
Relationship with<br />
Indigenous communities</p>
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Relationship with
Indigenous communities

Support in the development and maintaining of harmonious partnerships and dialogue

Uapishka Station

Scientific research and ecotourism Station

Co-founded by the MUWBR and the Conseil des Innus de Pessamit, the Uapishka Station is a unique venue in our backcountry to launch initiatives in order to gain knowledge and discover the land.

Outdoor Experience & Aboriginal Tourism</p>
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Outdoor Experience & Aboriginal Tourism

Guided explorations on the Groulx Mountains and across the “Oeil du Québec” (Manicouagan Reservoir), Indigenous workshops, sports and leisure activities
Accommodation and food service</p>
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Accommodation and food service

Innovative, energy-efficient lodge, prospectors’ camps, cabins, dormitories, camping
Research Support</p>
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Research Support

Fully equipped scientific facilities to attract the presence of researchers and northern studies


Driving structuring projects

The MUWBR implements scientific, environmental and educational projects. Some of these are also implemented and conducted by the Uapishka Foundation, a registered charity.

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Promoting education by conducting environmental and human-based research and continuous monitoring projects
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Protecting the environment through projects that help to preserve or restore terrestrial, aquatic and urban ecosystems and biodiversity and to adapt to or mitigate climate change
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Promoting public education by providing training programs on global citizenship and Indigenous cultures and supporting sustainable development in the face of climate change