OUR Accomplishments

With over a hundred projects to its credit, the MUWBR’s potential for action is based on four main principles of action: build pride, increase knowledge, apply sustainability and enhance networking. The outreach of its achievements has no bounds, as they target both youth and businesses, Indigenous people and tourists alike.

Principles of Action

  Build Pride

Stimulate a sense of belonging to our region through our specific identity and showcase our collective success stories to reach out beyond borders.

  Enhance Networking

Translate our access to a worldwide network into concrete opportunities for our community and leverage the potential of local cooperation.

  Increase Knowledge

Innovate to develop and promote our local knowledge, while facilitating access to international insights.

  Apply Sustainability

Support every sector of activity to shape our vision of sustainable development into action.

The Limitless Outreach of Our Actions

The structuring projects that the MUWBR brings to life have been greatly inspired and enhanced by the organization’s earliest proactive contacts with the entire network of biosphere reserves, where its achievements have been shared as examples.