This program involves several projects carried out to acquire knowledge, build capacity and design evidence-based decision-support tools within the Uapishka biodiversity reserve. 


  • Acquire scientific data to enhance understanding of the environment and inform decision-making
  • Track the number of visitors to the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains and measure the impact
  • Contribute to the conservation of the protected area


  • Installation of a search and emergency shelter (2021)
  • Set up of an alpine weather station in the Uapishka Mountains (2021)
  • Installation of Leave No Trace signs to raise awareness (2021)
  • Set up of eco-counters on trails leading to the Uapishka Mountains (2021 and 2022)
  • Installation of repeater stations as part of the network of climate monitoring instruments in the Uapishka Mountains (2022)
  • Set up of an alpine precipitation measuring station (2022)

Ongoing projects 

  • Drone monitoring of the impact of trampling on arctic-alpine vegetation
  • Monitoring of changes in arctic-alpine vegetation in the Uapishka Mountains in response to climate change (GLORIA)
  • Upgrading of climate and weather monitoring instruments for data acquisition and sharing, including the set up of two weather stations and a forest precipitation measuring station


  • Conseil des Innus de Pessamit
  • Ressources Naturelles Canada
  • Service Canadien des Forêts
  • Beyond Kaatdn
  • Université Concordia
  • Université du Nouveau-Brunswick

Financial support for these projects is provided by the Government of Canada, Société du plan Nord and the Government of Québec, with support in part from the RBC Foundation through the RBC Tech for Nature program.