As part of the Ministère du Tourisme’s Action Plan for Responsible and Sustainable Tourism 2020-2025, the MUWBR is leading an outreach project to document and showcase the best tourism practices suited for the northern experience.


  • Document and experience the best practices in responsible, sustainable northern tourism
  • Generate knowledge and help to demonstrate:
    • Tourism industry impact and leverage in tackling and adapting to climate change and conserving natural environments
    • The positive impact of joint and conservation actions on tourism
  • Share knowledge and the best practices in responsible, sustainable northern tourism


  • Effectuer un portait diagnostic des pratiques en lien avec le tourisme durable dans le secteur des monts Uapishka (Groulx)
  • Carrying out a diagnostic study of sustainable tourism practices in the Uapishka (Groulx) Mountains area
  • Facilitating workshops on the challenges and successful approaches of other organizations and regions in terms of sustainable tourism
  • Setting up a citizen science program, including the design of the Classe Biosphère school program
  • Analyzing the connections between sustainable tourism, ecosystem quality and the fight against climate change
  • Producing a guide on the best practices in sustainable northern tourism
  • Participating in tourism events and promote the best practices in sustainable tourism


  • Activities planned until 2025

Financial support for this project is provided by the Ministère du Tourisme of Québec.